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Colorado’s Broad Palatte

June 15, 2017

Colorado’s Broad Palatte of Group Offerings Photo provided by Copper Mountain Resort With so many diverse locations within the state of Colorado, it is hard to decide which place to choose to host a meeting. Nicknamed Colorful Colorado, there is an endless palatte of options to use in creating your group experience. The more specific your goals and objectives, the more targeted your group program may be crafted. Photo provided by AlpineAccess Located in the center of the United States, Colorado is easily accessible from most major U.S. hubs. With reasonable flight times from either coast, groups requiring a central U.S. location are easily satisfied. Denver International Airport (DIA) is the sixth busiest airport in the country. A 30-minute transfer provides attendees quick access to the resources of a major metropolitan area. An additional 1 1/2 to 2 hours will put your group in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. It all depends on your objectives. Photo provided by Gaylord...

An Authentic Colorado Experience

December 3, 2015 An Authentic Colorado Experience

Today's society is well traveled. Whether an individual travels domestically or internationally, they are accustomed to experiencing different places, cultures, and environments. In those travels, some experiences resonate more than others. When an experience resonates, people feel a connection with the destination or event. Achieving that connection is the holy grail of the meeting and event professional because it is in that space that attendees are most open to receiving your message and making genuine connections.Colorado provides a diverse canvas on which to create authentic experiences that resonate with attendees. With a strong western heritage, pioneers of the ski industry and the Denver Broncos, we have many stories to tell. Beyond that, each specific area in Colorado has its own unique story. Each mountain has a name, each valley has a settler and each river has an Eagle's nest on it somewhere. By bringing these elements to the guests, we invite them to have an authentic...